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Here is a breakdown of the butterfly services we offer.

Butterfly Exhibit Services ...

 Every butterfly house is unique and there are many factors to consider when building, filling, and managing your exhibit. We recommend consulting with us in your initial design and planning stages to help make the right decisions. Our goal for our clients is a smooth grand opening and a successful exhibit. Once your exhibit is open, we are one phone call away for assistance and special requests. Ultimately, our success depends upon your success.

 If you're interested in establishing us as a supplier, please contact us via the contact page.

Purchase Agreement

You can download our Purchase Agreement here from our website.

 For those who are interested in becoming more involved in the butterfly industry, we highly recommend joining the IABES Association and attending the ICBES conferences or TITAG conference.

School Butterfly Programs ...

All habitats are made at Butterfly Danís farm in Kissimmee, Florida. Unlike many companies that use artificial diets we use native plants so our customers will witness what butterflies naturally eat in Central Florida.

We offer:

Individual Emergence Cups

This includes one caterpillar or one pupa.

Screen Enclosures

Includes two caterpillars on their host plant

Custom Habitat

This is a custom made habitat by Butterfly Dan for a special occasion. It includes two different species of pupae and a caterpillar of a third species.


Butterfly Release Packages

Each butterfly release package is carefully created and tailored for your very specific needs. Please contact us and we will help you get the exact package you need to make your event a success.

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Some of Our Clients
The Bronx Zoo
Cleveland Botanical Gardens
American Museum of Natural History
Krohn Conservatory