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Butterfly Dan's Species List '''

Here is a list of the different species of butterflies we have available. Some are only available seasonally, and some butterflies are available all year. Have a look below and contact us if you have any questions.

Annual Butterflies

Butterfly Name Buckeye
Scientific Name Junonia Coenia
Availability All Year
Great Southern White
Butterfly Name Great Southern White
Scientific Name Ascia monuste
Availability Seasonal
Butterfly Name Julia Butterfly
Scientific Name Dryas Iulia
Availability All Year
Monarch Butterfly
Butterfly Name Monarch Butterfly
Scientific Name Danaus plexippus
Availability Seasonal
Butterfly Name Queen Butterfly
Scientific Name Danaus gilippus
Availability All Year
White Peacock
Butterfly Name White Peacock
Scientific Name Anartia jatrophae
Availability All Year
Zebra Longwing
Butterfly Name Zebra Longwing
Scientific Name Heliconius charithonia
Availability All Year

Seasonal Butterflies ...

Black Swallowtail
Butterfly Name Black Swallowtail
Scientific Name Papilio polyxenes
Availability Seasonal
Cloudless Sulphur
Butterfly Name Cloudless Sulphur
Scientific Name Phoebis Sennae
Availability All Year
Giant Swallowtail
Butterfly Name Giant Swallowtail
Scientific Name Papilio cresphontes
Availability Seasonal
Gulf Fritillary
Butterfly Name Gulf Fritillary
Scientific Name Agraulis Vanillae
Availability All Year
Orange Barred
Butterfly Name Orange Barred
Scientific Name Phoebis philea
Availability All Year
Palamedes Butterfly
Butterfly Name Palamedes Butterfly
Scientific Name Pterourus palamedes
Availability Seasonal
Polydamas Butterfly
Butterfly Name Polydamas Butterfly
Scientific Name Battus polydamas
Availability Seasonal
Sleepy Orange
Butterfly Name Sleepy Orange Butterfly
Scientific Name Eurema nicippe
Availability All Year
Spicebush Butterfly
Butterfly Name Spicebush Butterfly
Scientific Name Pterourus Troilus
Availability Seasonal
Tiger Swallowtail
Butterfly Name Tiger Swallowtail
Scientific Name Papilio glaucus
Availability Seasonal
Viceroy Butterfly
Butterfly Name Viceroy
Scientific Name Limenitis archippus
Availability Seasonal
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